Riders.Aid is “by riders, for riders” that started out as a project to raise awareness and funding for the basic needs of people in impoverished countries. Many people around the world live without food, clean water, or basic health & shelter. Riders Aid wants to multiply their resources to help make a difference and have as their aim to educate and enlist assistance from the snow riding community.

Ryan Belder of Unlimited Skate & Snow in Banff, AB says, “Our biggest event every year is our Riders.aid Season Opener Parties. We have one in Banff at The Devils Gap and one in Lake Louise at Stables Pub.  We premiere a couple of the season’s new shred flicks and we raise money for Riders.aid which is a rad non-profit organization that a group of us started probably 5 or 6 years ago.  There are Riders.aid groups in a bunch of different countries now all over the world and we’ve been doing events to raise money for clean drinking water in Africa.” Riders.Aid has raised thousands of dollars for clean water in impoverished nations.

Riders.Aid has also set its’ sight on working with low-income urban youth and are inspired by programs like Zero Ceiling in Whistler and The Edge Snowboard Club in Winnipeg.

We believe that by enlisting the ski & snowboard communities in the cause of social good, whether in Africa or in urban Canada, we will see many lives changed. When selfless action meets desperate need, good things happen; sparks fly and light illuminates into the darkness.