What Does SFC Actually Do?

The million dollar question is, “What does SFC actually do?” We’re glad you asked!

The first thing to know is that, “SFC is a VALUES-BASED organization opposed to a PROGRAMS-BASED organization,” meaning that SFC looks different in every shred town because each group responds to the needs of their own unique communities. Each location is not a cookie-cutter or franchise-modeled group.

Rather, SFC Canada encourages its leaders to live our values and do whatever it takes to most effectively BE THE LIGHT OF JESUS to the shredders in their area. So we define SFC by our VALUES as opposed to what events we do.

That being said, these are some EVENTS that our groups have done in the past:

  • Contests/Rail Jams: Some SFC groups will set up a rail, find some snow, grab some judges and prizes, and put on a contest as a way of serving their local community.
  • Camps: Every year SFC USA sends a group of speakers/coaches to partner with The Station Camp, Snowflex at Liberty University and others to offer snowboard/ski camps. Pretty cool stuff.
  • Trips: Some groups plan trips to a new and exciting location, advertise it, take their crew, and go. Nothing builds lifelong relationships like a quality roadtrip.
  • Booths: Large events can sometimes be a good opportunity to love on the shred community. Some set up a booth, give out free pancakes or high fives … whatever it takes to meet people.
  • Coffee/Wax Nights: Some chapters provide a free meal, free snowboard/ski waxing, and a low-pressure time to hang out.
  • Bible Studies: Bible studies in many different forms are a core part of most of the SFC Canada communities. SFC International offers a weekly winter devotional on their news page.
  • Ride days: Some groups get crews of local believers to go ride together once a week (or more) to meet and minister to people on the hill.

Do you have a heart for an event that wasn’t listed here? Great! This list is not exhaustive by any means. Our leaders have the creative liberty to hold any meeting or outreach that falls in line with SFC Canada’s Values.